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About Calypso Real Estate

If selling and/or buying properties in Nicaragua is something new to you, you’ll need an agent with the right connections, technology, and strategies to achieve your vision.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and want someone to take the wheel, or you just need a second opinion and you have it covered, you can be rest assured a RE/MAX agent is the right agent for any level of service, in any market condition.

We offer a wide range of real estate services in Nicaragua.

San Juan del Sur | Tola & Popoyo | Leon | Granada | Isla Ometepe

Why We Are Different

Calypso Real Estate is a privately owned company that is affiliated with REMAX Coastal Properties in Nicaragua. As REMAX has grown into the world’s largest real estate network of franchisee-owned and operated offices, it provides Calypso Real Estate an international training and proper legal support to help you find your ideal property. 

We are fluent in English, French, and Spanish to better serve you. We are here, at your service, to help you from start to finish in your new chapter of living in Nicaragua.

Another thing that makes us stand out is that we stay on top of new listings in the Nicaraguan real estate market and are continuously selecting listings from our exclusivities but also different real estate companies. We also want you to feel free to express your interest in any properties that may not be on our websites. We are more than happy to coordinate viewings and represent you with any property around San Juan del Sur and Tola.

Learn more about buying property and living in Nicaragua on our blog.

Our Values

Client Focus

Your satisfaction is our mission.

From helping you with your decision on moving to Nicaragua to receiving the key to your new home. We like to take the time necessary to get to know you and your unique needs.

It’s from knowing our clients on a personal level that we believe we have a truly client-focused approach and can help you find your ideal property in San Juan del Sur or Tola.


Integrity is key to us, which means we operate from an ethical standpoint.

We value the community we grow in, the people working with us, and of course our clients! We will always partake in open and honest communication with you from day one.

Our belief is that these values will speak for themselves and that you will feel our genuine intentions while moving forward together into the process of buying land in Nicaragua.


The combination of being foreigners yet living in San Juan del Sur for almost a decade is what makes us the perfect team for helping you find the perfect investment in Nicaragua.

We have wide knowledge about Nicaragua and its laws, ensuring you a legit / legal transaction when buying property in Nicaragua.

Note that there is no MLS in Nicaragua, and therefore it's important to pick an agent that truly knows the surroundings, culture, and country.

Get to Know us Better

We are here to serve you with the excellence that we know you deserve. We also have a ton of personal experiences of living as an expat in Nicaragua to share with you!

juliette nicaragua remax

Juliette Declercq
Founder and Real Estate Agent

French | English | Spanish

Originally from France where she studied international business, Juliette first traveled to Nicaragua in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the unique tropical lifestyle in the town of San Juan del Sur.

Since then, she has been operating and consulting various businesses including a sailing company, a construction company and also a couple bars and restaurants. She truly loves improving businesses and the customer experience. She has great knowledge in Nicaraguan culture and can fluently communicate in Spanish, English and French.

She is empathic, honest and committed to finding the best fit to your expectations and needs. Juliette is responsive and she’s always happy to provide additional information. When not working, you can find Juliette sailing the waters or surfing the waves.


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maison a vendre nicaragua

Jes Lynn
Assistant and Social Media Manager

English | Spanish

After years of traveling through various continents, Jes decided to place roots in San Juan Del Sur in 2021 after falling in love with the country, its culture, and the community.

Calypso Real Estate wouldn’t be as efficient as it is without Jes! Not only is she constantly working on new marketing strategies, but she is also uploading and improving listings. Jess is essential to keeping Calypso running smoothly due to the innovative way she manages everything that goes on behind the scenes. We would be lost without her professional organizing or her unique perspective and approach.

With proper exposure and marketing, Calypso Real Estate can showcase your listed property or business on the desired websites, real estate agencies, and social media platforms! With Jes Lynn’s assistance, you can be assured there will be increased traffic to your listing on Calypso’s website.

Outside of work, Jes is can be seen enjoying the sun/beaches that San Juan Del Sur has to offer- while also exploring the multitude of hidden gems within Central America.


Need Help To Maximize Your Business?

Reach out to us today and get a complimentary business review and consultation.

Need Help To Maximize Your Business?

Reach out to us today and get a complimentary business review and consultation.